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Swing This Kettlebell

Kettlebells with knowledge

With a decade of kettlebell experience guiding you, Joe can align your health goals to your training regimen. Whether you're health plan is training for longevity, injury prevention, body composition, endurance training, or even a kettlebell lifting competition; Joe Daniels is one of the most experienced trainers in kettlebell.

This is about a healthier you.

- Joe Daniels, Kettlebell Trainer

Joe Daniels is Swing This Kettlebell Fitness
Swing This Kettlebells has women only and women led classes every week

Personal Fitness Programs

Swing This is more of an adult playground than a gym. We're not all about kettlebell, even though we do use them a lot. We extend our training to all areas of healthy living so that you can achieve the levels of focus and skill that you're looking for in your training plan.

Your health goals, become our health goals. We've all had a personal plateau in fitness training. We are here for you and can assist you in getting to that next step in your fitness.

SwingThis Kettlebell competition

We Compete & We WIN

Joe has been certified as a professional trainer by:

  • National Strength Conditioning Association
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • International Youth Conditioning Association
  • International Kettlebell Fitness Federation

All of our trainees get high level instruction before training on their own. You get to try new training tools and use what you like, while we build a fitness training workout that you'll enjoy!

Train for YOUR Win.

Train YOUR Way

We offer you training for whatever your fitness level may be ready for. We have tiered online training, a YouTube channel with over 20k followers, and personalized classes both online and in the gym!

Less Pains, More Gains

Our training motto is "Less Pains More Gains" and that means our approach is holistic fitness health. Healthy living training that focuses on: activity, nutrition, and stress management techniques.

Two ways to get Kettlebell Training Online

Train comfortably where YOU want to train

Just because you can't get to our gym, we don't want you to miss out on Joe's training experience. If you're looking for a way to train in your own home gym setting, we offer a variety of tiered products to fit your budget and health needs. Even Cycling and Running athletes train with Joe because the advantages proper kettlebell form can bring to balance your overall fitness training goals.

So whether it's our Swing This Kettlebell channel you're looking for with hit videos like his 50 swings a day challenge or the personalized online classes with feedback from Joe; we have a class to fit your kettlebell needs!

YouTube Channel

Train comfortably where YOU want to train

Online Classes Available

Basic and Personal Advanced Training