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Learn Kettlebell Fundamentals Online

Learn Kettlebell Fundamentals Online!

Our fundamental kettlebell skills program is designed to help you become proficient with a kettlebell and build a solid foundation before trying our more advanced moves. Injury prevention is a major concern with us as we want you to enjoy exercise and how it will benefit your life in many ways. We feel exercise isn’t worth doing if it isn’t fun as well!

SwingThis Kettlebells in Latonia KY
Speed interval trainings with kettlebells are a fun fitness variant
Time your Kettlebell counts for competition like the Arnold International!

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Swing This Kettlebell offers small classes in our gym daily! We have a variety of formats for our classes, including one-on-one training, women-led, and women only classes. We want your fitness health to be fun, so think of our gym more as an adult playground than a traditional get ripped gym. We set health goals for you that are long standing, not based on the latest trend or fitness fad. So check out Swing This KB online and in person!