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In the fitness product world, there is a lot of junk out there. That's why we keep our tools to a fun, but small set of items that really do the job well. At SwingThis Kettlebells & Strength we may seem slightly utilitarian but that's because we strive for good, multifaceted products that really aid in your lifting health and recovery.

Each product offered on our pages comes with a special discount or deal like free shipping, at checkout!

Kettlebells USA

Kettlebells USA

I've used nearly all types of kettlebells that are available for purchases in the USA. From my experience, Kettlebells USA are hand's down the best quality, balance, and feel for your lifting technique.  While everyone has a different structure, I feel the handle and window of the KB USA kettlebell fits the style most people need that I've come to train at Swing This KB.

Kettlebell Selection

Rogue Body Tempering Tools

These are affordable versions of the body tempering tools made by Rogue, for Donnie Thompson. They're created for the fantastic mode of Strength preparation known as Body Tempering. You'll want to check out my videos about these specifically on how and why I recommend them.

Rogue Fatbells

I can't recommend these kettlebell variants enough. Dumbbells are totally obsolete now! These can even make kettlebell training easier to learn. I use these fatbells along with my kettlebells, in every training session I do.  These fatbells are worth every dollar spent!

Fatbell Workout

Adjustable Maces & Clubs

Made in the USA and of wonderful quality, these are the best adjustable maces I've used at Swing This KB. A mace is for swinging, right?!?

These are the maces used in the Vintage Strength games at AKA Kettlebell Competitions, so if you want to compete you have to train with these!

Mace Workout


I have trained with kettlebells for 10 years now and at the beginning I was really overusing my forearms and grip.  Because of this, I had constant muscle tension until I found the ARMAID tools.  It is very easy and intuitive to use. They're extremely durable products too; the first one I had in 2012, is still in use at Swing This KB.

Arm Aid Tool

PSO Rite

This is a great tool for people who sit all day.  The Psoas muscle can cause a lot of back pain and if you work with a passage therapist to tame your back pain, the pso rite can be a tool that you use at home once you understand how to work with the muscle.  It can also be use for many other areas of the body. I especially like it against the wall for my mid back and glutes.

PSO Rite How-to